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Entertainment Licensing

Managing a bar, a club, a shop or a restaurant means you need to know about entertainment licences. CBK can help you whether you are applying for or varying one - or there is a problem connected with your business’ licence.

Licensing can relate to a wide variety of different businesses and situations. Are you a shop or retail outlet that plays music for the public to enjoy whilst they browse? Or you run a bar or restaurant that offers beers, wines and spirits - maybe the occasional live band? Perhaps your café invites diners to sit on pavement tables to drink their coffee? Or you run a casino? Maybe you need a temporary licence for a one-off event. Do you know about personal and premises licensing?

If you need a licence or want to review an existing one - or you have a problem - you need expert advice to deal with an appeal or a complaint. Our specialist lawyers offer clear, practical advice and our aim is for you to achieve the best possible result. We make sure we understand your situation - then we discuss options, costs and agree what actions to take. Legal matters can be complicated, we know. That’s why everything we explain is done using plain and simple language, not legal jargon. As we work on your matter, we will keep in regular contact with you to keep you up to date. And we encourage you to pick up the phone if you have any queries - for us, it's never an inconvenience to talk to you.

Call us today to see how we can help you and get the ball rolling.

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