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Injury Claims

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, due to another person’s negligence or failure to put appropriate safeguards in place, an innocent person can be hurt, injured, or worse. At Colin Brown & Kidson, our experience helps innocent parties receive justice for a needless injury that should have been avoided.

Talking to an expert lawyer at Colin Brown & Kidson will help you understand your situation more clearly and ensure you make the right decisions to support your case. We can also help you avoid any pitfalls - like feeling you have to use your insurer’s recommended law firm who might not be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Colin Brown & Kidson has succeeded with just about every type of accident where we have been able to show that somebody else was to blame. So whatever type of accident you’ve suffered, we can represent you.

Colin Brown & Kidson offers free first advice, meaning you can discuss your situation and find out what options you have, before deciding what action to take. Give us a call on 01947 603 391 and let us help you recover something from an event that could and should have been avoided.

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