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An inquest in to a fatal injury caused by some form of negligence can be a traumatic experience. CBK can advise you how to seek compensation depending on the decision of the inquest.

An inquest establishes the cause of death, and whether negligence occurred. If the verdict is split, legal advice can help you determine if you have cause to consider pursuing a fatal injury claim. The inquest will hear from those directly involved at the time of the death. They can be difficult to endure. But seeking justice for another’s negligence is important.

Our advice and experience will make the process as simple as it can be. Inquests can appear complex, filled with legal and medical jargon. We explain everything to you in plain and simple English. Costs and timescales are made clear at the start. We investigate fully what happened and establish the facts. It is important for you that we keep in contact – we promise to do that - and we answer any questions you have as promptly as we can. Achieving the best possible outcome means seeking adequate financial compensation for your loss.

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