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Management Buy Outs/Ins

Colin Brown & Kidson can support you to either buy in to a business, to buy out a business or consider outside investment. Agreeing to do any of these is a risk. Our expert lawyers help you understand the risks and to plan for success.

Ownership of a business can change for many reasons. You may want to buy out your shareholders because you know what to do to grow the business more successfully. You may spot an opportunity to buy in to business, one that excites you with its potential. Whatever your reason, this may require you to work with a venture capitalist or to secure private equity investment. Or they may want to take over your business.

It can be a complex process, changing the ownership of a business. Colin Brown & Kidson has successfully helped many business owners achieve this transition. We help you understand the process. Our expert lawyers will provide you with pragmatic advice based on their experience and knowledge. We explain the risks. And we make sure that you think through the important details. It may be a simple change of ownership or a protracted one. Whichever, our advice will ensure you make decisions that are right for you, from start to finish.

CBK works with many business owners, large and small. To find out why they choose us, give us a call on 01947 603 391.

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