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Business Leases and Licenses

Deciding whether to use or agree to a lease or a licence is an important decision. There are important differences, differences CBK can advise you on.

Should you choose a licence or a lease? The answer rather depends. Features to be clear about include the presence of regular periodic payments and a specific end-date to the agreement. There are benefits and obligations to both. Being clear on what these are beforehand is important. Sign the wrong agreement and you may find your rights are not protected or your business is affected.

Colin Brown & Kidson advises business on setting up the right agreement for them. Drafting a lease or a licence, explaining the terms, obligations and liabilities is done free from legal jargon. Our expert lawyers work with you, deal with any problems and make sure costs, timescales and likely outcomes are clear. If your licence or lease needs to be amended, or it is time for renewal, we can help you do this as well.

Before agreeing or signing your agreement, contact us on 01947 603 391. Make certain your business is properly looked after.

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