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Making a Will

1 in 4 Wills in a recent study by the Legal Services Board failed their official assessment, meaning they were either completely invalid or didn’t properly reflect what the person wanted to happen. Getting the right person to prepare your Will is vital.

All Colin Brown & Kidson's Wills are individually prepared by local expert lawyers, giving you complete peace of mind that they are legally valid and that your wishes will be followed. Whether you want to ensure your family is provided for or have complex financial planning requirements, there’s a service suitable for your circumstances.

Our standard fees are £160 plus VAT for a straightforward single Will and £225 plus VAT for a pair of straightforward mirror Wills.

More complicated mirror Wills start at £325 plus VAT for the pair. We can give you an idea of the likely cost during an initial discussion.

What are the things you should consider before calling?

• Who you would like to appoint as your Executors. That is the person(s) appointed to ensure that the terms of your Will are followed. Many of our clients nominate this firm to act in this capacity.

• The appointment of guardians of your children (if there are any children who are under 18 at the time of their death).

• Those persons you would like to benefit under the Will.

• Any gifts of specific items or money you would like to leave.

• It would also be helpful if you could provide us with a rough estimate of the value of your assets so that we can provide you with any relevant inheritance tax advice.

How long is the legal process when writing a will?

For a straightforward matter, a Will can be completed within a week from initial instructions to execution of the Will. If there is a particular urgency, a Will can be drafted and signed within a couple of working days, if required.

Is it expensive?

We are usually able to provide a fixed fee service for the drafting of most Wills. Our standard costs are set out above.

Please contact us for an initial chat and a quotation and speak to Mr Richard Evans, Mrs Pamela Allan or Mrs Emily Bowen Evans.

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