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Employment Issues

As an employee you may experience difficult and stressful conflicts with your employer or colleagues. You may have been disciplined or dismissed in an unlawful manner, or find yourself left with no option but to leave a role due to discrimination or bullying. 

Our solicitors can advise on your rights as an employee and the routes to resolving your problem, or obtaining you suitable compensation.

Employment issues come in many shapes and sizes. We understand that they can have a big impact on your wellbeing at work and beyond. Colin Brown & Kidson are here to find a resolution to your employment problems.

Some employment claims are subject to a three month time limit, so don't delay if you have an issue. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Examples of help we can provide to employees include:

- Advice on the suitability and effect of Settlement Agreements. These are often proposed by employers when a contract is being brought to an early end.

- Reviewing your employment contract to advise whether yourself or your employer are in breach of contract, and whether the contract breaches employment law.

- Discussing the potential of an unfair or wrongful dismissal claim and assisting you through the tribunal process.

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